Cue The BBQ, has chosen to locate themselves within area’s of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, which creates fiscal and environmental benefits to the local ecology and economy of an area. These are namely the Drakensberg (Underberg), Estcourt & Greytown. This enables us to specifically work with communities to drive sustainable and commercially viable supply chains to foreign markets. As such this allows us to invest and foster these supply chains for the greater good of the local community. 

As an example, the UNESCO World Heritage committee, notes with concern the significant and continued threat posed by invasive alien tree species (wattle), to World Heritage sites, such as  to the Maloti-Drakensberg Park, and strongly encourages parties to develop adequately resourced strategies to eradicate invasive species that emphasise prevention, early warning and rapid response to these World Heritage properties.


These invasive tree species (wattle) pose a threat to the ecological integrity of the Maloti Drakensberg Park as well as to the yield of water from its wetlands and river systems. The mismanagement of these invasive species (wattle) also poses a major risk, taking into account the effects of fire on fire-sensitive fauna. 

The historic preservation of Bushman paintings from fire is also extremely important. These invasive species (wattle) would not have featured in the topography of the Drakensberg park, during the time of the San Bushmen. There are an estimated 40,000 individual bushman paintings in over 600 known sites, making up 35% of all South African San Rock sites. Fire damage to these paintings removes our link to the past, as these paintings tell the story of the lives of these hunter-gatherers, which are not widely understood. 

The community element of this project enables employment throughout the region and for our small teams that remove and harvest this invasive species. Every additional Rand earned from the sale of our products provides substantial relief for poor rural households and eases the everyday pressures of life in South Africa.  

Please join us in supporting this meaningful cause, developing and growing grass root supply chains, designed to protect these World Heritage sites and to mutually ensure that this pristine World Heritage Site is protected for our future generations to enjoy.